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Tell your story and reach engaged InnerOrigin customers around Australia.

Be empowered by selling to customers that share your passion for integrity and wellness

At InnerOrigin, we believe in doing things differently. We've created an ecosystem where everyone is empowered; you sell more product, our advocates make great commissions, and customers are rewarded with fantastic products they can trust.

When you become a Merchant Supplier you get access to a complete national marketing and logistics solution. Timely delivery is ensured with two centralised warehouses in Sydney and Perth. Your product story is told daily by thousands of passionate Advocates through word of mouth, online, in-home and at events. And you'll be in good company, aligning your product with established brands that Customers recognise and trust.

InnerOrigin provides truth on label that Customers can’t readily get their hands on elsewhere.

A powerful group of engaged Advocates promoting clever shopping through the InnerOrigin marketplace.

84% of customers trust referrals. Harness the power of Advocate referrals.

Our independent Product Advisory Board ensures all products meet the required standards, so your brand reputation is embellished.

You're empowered to set your own competitive marketplace pricing.

The InnerOrigin model can result in cost reduction in advertising, marketing and logistics.

Our internal marketing team coordinate EDMS, PR and Social Media to expand your reach within our community. The more highly engaged you are the greater the rewards for your own business growth. You can benefit from using our Learning Management System also!

Merchant Partnerships

All our Merchant Suppliers are uncompromisingly commited to quality and our philosophy.

Truth on label is key to earning trust

In a saturated market it can be difficult to stand-out as an authentic producer.

With the help of our independent Product Advisory Board, we provide truth on label in order to cut through the vast range of confusing choices for customers. Our national footprint of highly engaged Advocates promote your products on your behalf daily!

All our products have been selected with care and follow strict guidelines to carry out our philosophy:

Cruelty Free
No Added Hormones or Antibiotics
No Artificial Colours
No Nitrate or MSG
No Petroleum
No Preservatives or Fragrances

What makes us different

  • Every product on the InnerOrigin marketplace pass strict requirements set by our independent Product Advisory Board (PAB).
  • Our board members are experts in health and nutrition,including leading doctors, nutritionists, and naturopaths.
  • We hold the same values as you, so you can feel comfortable we’re working together to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • We seek independent ratings from our customers and Advocates (providing you with quality feedback).
  • We only approve products that abide by our ‘truth on label’ policy.
  • We assess the country of origin of each ingredient and make sure product meets regulatory compliance.
  • 100% money back guarantee for customer peace of mind.

We are the link between your Customers and your products.

We actively educate our Customers about wellness. So when the time comes to make a purchase the InnerOrigin marketplace is a natural solution, helping them find the products they need at the click of a button.


Become a Gold Member

As a Gold Member, there is a small warehouse activity fee that helps enable us to take care of all ecommerce, logistics and staffing costs, plus you benefit from inclusions such as:

  • Consolidated shipping direct to the customer
  • Participation in InnerOrigin marketing programs and access to thousands of educated Advocates
  • Reporting and analysis on sales and stock movement each month
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Opportunities to present at live events.

Another exciting opportunity as an InnerOrigin Gold Merchant Supplier is to participate in the InnerOrigin Brand Ambassador Picks Promotions! That's right, a well-known Ambassador may choose to promote your product.

Quality control/assurance, compliance, certification and truth on label remain the responsibility of the Merchant Supplier.

Our Logistics Facilities

At InnerOrigin we provide our customers with a fully integrated logistics solution which includes warehousing, picking and packing/wrapping and national distribution. Our system is such that we will manage and report on your stock on hand after regular cycle counts and stocktakes.

Our new Delivery Centre (DC) is located in Sydney and has sufficient space for growth into the future as we configure our stock locations. In this growing market, we also recently opened a DC in Western Australia. Our systems are such that we can scale as required, but only with the timely delivery of stock from Merchant Suppliers like you!

All packaging materials are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. We follow a continuous improvement program to ensure our carbon footprint is minimised.

Becoming an InnerOrigin Merchant Supplier is easy!

Follow these 3 steps to get started.

Step 1

Get on board with InnerOrigin. Fill out the form below.

Step 2

Deliver your products to our warehouse.

Step 3

Use our platform to engage with the InnerOrigin community.

Become a Merchant Supplier and join our Community

If you think your product may meet our criteria, simply submit an expression of interest below.

Our independent Product Advisory Board will review your submission, and as soon as you’re approved you’ll join our list of quality, trusted health and wellness products.